Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday: Angelo Moore of Fishbone

DJ Kool Emdee & Angelo Moore

Angelo Christoper Moore, born November 5, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, also known as Dr. Madd Vibe, is a founding member, lead singer and saxophonist of the band Fishbone. He is also a poet and performance poetry concerts at clubs, poetry festivals, and cafes. In 1993 he released a poetry anthology titled "Dr. Madd Vibe's Comprehensive Linkology". In 1997 he released his first CD also titled, "Dr. Madd Vibe's Comprehensive Linkology", as well as his first video titled, "The Delusional Quandaries Of Dr. Madd Vibe", and in 2000 he released another CD/video set Called "The Yin-Yang Thang". Later in 2006 he released another CD called, "Dr. madd Vibe's Medicine Cabinet".

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