Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday: Astrud Gilberto & Dwight Trible

Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto (March 30, 1940), referred to as the "Queen of Bossa Nova", established herself as a Jazz and pop singer in 1964 with her Grammy Award winning, influential recording of "Girl From Ipanema" with her then husband João Gilberto (the father of Bossa Nova) and Stan Getz. "Girl From Ipanema" (Garota de Ipanema) was composed by late pianist/guitarist and songwriter Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In 1992 she received the Latin Jazz USA Award for Lifetime Achievement for her outstanding contribution to Latin Jazz music, and was inducted into the International Latin Music Hall of Fame in 2002. In 1995, after releasing an album in tribute to Jobim, in front of a sold out crowd, she's credited as being the first Jazz artist to perform at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, which was once a venue known to only feature Blues and Rock artists exclusively.

Widely considered a virtuoso for his vocal ability, Dwight Trible (March 29th) encompasses the skills to improvise where many Jazz singers don't. Gaining years of experience with the likes of Oscar Brown Jr., Kenny Burrell, Patrice Rushen, DJ Rogers, and a host of other notables in music, Trible also spearheads his own Dwight Trible Ensemble, as well as the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and is also the vocal director for the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples’ Arkestra.

In 2004, Dwight won notable awards, such as L.A. Weekly: Artist of the Year, 2004, All About Jazz LA: Top Ten Album of the Year 2004 and BBC Radio One: Living Water nominated Worldwide Album of The Year 2004.

Dwight Trible Official Website

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Robert Glasper Remix Contest Winner: Tall Black Guy

Recently Indaba Music hosted a remix contest for Robert Glasper's latest single "Move Love" featuring the trio KING as guest vocalists. There was some heavy competition who all had some very good entries. However, the man who would be crowned as the heavyweight champion, is none other than the big brother himself, TALL BLACK GUY! Get more details and view other entries by some hot indie producers here. Congratulations to TBG on this massive win....again. Now, peep this mind blowing remix below and enjoy at a good volume. Oh's a FREE download, so get it while it's still hot.

Nyoka Ny-D: Magical Fruit (Official Video)

Singer-songwriter, producer and emcee Nyoka Ny-D has finally finished production for the official video of her addicting title cut "Magical Fruit" that's available NOW at Show your love and support, and give her a shout out on Twitter. ENJOY!


DJ Kool Emdee: Tech House v.1

Time to put on your dancing shoes, grab your favorite neon object and rock out to this Tech House mix I did a few hours ago.


01. Wonji ft. H. Membrano - My World of House
02. Stefano Noferini - Funky Music
03. Tom Nory ft. Michael Marshall - Your Body (Lissat & Voltraxx Remix)
04. Truelove - Rock The Casbah
05. Robert Dietz - Pandemic
06. Joris Voorn - Incident (Miyagi)
07. Do Santos - Noti Verisi
08. Doomwork - Get Down
09. John Dahlback - Work It Out
10. Phil Kieran & Green Velvet - Michael Jackson (Mic Jack In Version)
11. Phunk Investigation - 1980's (Original Mix)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

DJ Kool Emdee: Tropical Blend

I've been in mix mode like crazy lately. So here's a mixture of tunes from different parts of Africa, India, South America and the Caribbean, ranging from Reggae, to House, Bhangra, Kwaito and more. Hope you like!


01. Punjabi MC - Jogi (Dance Remix)
02. Punjabi MC - Jatt Ho Gaya Sharabi
03. Salif Keita - Kamoukie
04. Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa
05. Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight
06. Pastor Mbhobho - Ayobaness
07. Alaska - Fokol
08. Match & Daddy - Pasame La Botella
09. Comando Tiburon - Dale Candella
10. Guajiros - Veo Veo
11. Luisito Quintero ft. Nina Rodriguez - Music For Gong Gong
12. Ana Tijoux - Shock (Captain Planet Remix)
13. Beenie Man - Swagga Dance
14. Alison Hinds - Baddest Wine
15. Mongo Santamaria - Funk Up
16. Dhanush - Why This Kolaveri Di (Digital Remix)
17. Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa
18. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Kinky Reggae
19. Beres Hammond - Groovy Little Thing
20. John Holt - Love I Can Feel
21. Shinehead - Golden Touch

Mixed by DJ Kool Emdee @ The Record Realm

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tall Black Guy: What's Good

In celebrating the gain of 5,000 followers for his Soundcloud page, Tall Black Guy gave away a thousand downloads of his "What's Good" track that flips James Brown's "I Feel Good (I Got You)". I have to say, this is one of the sickest flips i've heard. Too bad that I missed the download bus. Still, we have it for you to listen to and enjoy. Hopefully he'll free up some more space to bless us with having this track.

Akalé Wubé: Mata

Akalé Wubé (meaning "my beautiful" in Amharic)is a quintet of musicians based in Paris, France who have been inspired to play "Ethio-Jazz" after drawing inspiration the Ethiopiques and other Ethiopian Jazz groups of the "golden age" throughout the sixties and seventies. They simply have taken older tunes to put a more modern contemporary twist by fusing in funk, tango, reggae, pop and other styles of music, already being an aesthetic in Ethiopian music, to help create their own unique sound.

Mata is the title track for their upcoming album by the same name, which will be available through their website on March 26th, 2012.

Akalé Wubé Official Website

Radius: Sleeping Wide Awake

I'm always interested in what people are listening to, especially when it comes to good music. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Soundcloud and saw that Tall Black Guy added a Sampler Podcast by Beyond Luck (Radius, DJ Moppy & Kenny Keys) to his favorites. I figured since he made their track one of his favorites, it had to be pretty damn good. Indeed it was. So I hit them up and Radius gave me a link back letting me know that they will be dropping a release soon. He also directed me to his full length beat tape called Sleeping Wide Awake available as a FREE download via Moment Sound.

To take a snipped of their post; Radius' Sleeping Wide Awake is a call from a reflecting awareness – wake up! In his own words: “People are zombies ”sleepwalking” and so much going on around them. I'm here to awaken them. They just need a change of diet. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel music is that cure.”. By listening to this album over and over, i've already taken flight. Now it's time to strap in and let down the "Landing Gear". ENJOY!

Super Hi-Fi: Single Payer

OK....i'm playing catch up again. I'm a big fan of dub reggae music. Being that i'm a horn player myself, the music has more appeal to me. Brooklyn based Afro-Dub band Super Hi-Fi, led by bassist/composer Ezra Gale, sent me the digital file of their new "Single Payer" via Dropbox. This track takes me back down memory lane to when I was younger, dwelling in the dancehalls with loud systems playing tunes much like this one. This is a true classic dub reggae groove, giving a double dose of trombones leading the way, accompanied by a rhythm section with good timing to land it all properly.

With vinyl sales continuing to be on the rise, here's your chance to lock and load this 45rpm release of "Single Payer" on Electric Cowbell Records that's available on their website. Not only are you getting a great vinyl record to enjoy as much as you like, they are also tossing in a high quality digital download and bonus material. They have a few shows coming up. For dates and more information, please visit their website to find out where. Don't forget to press play below to get a preview of what you're getting. ENJOY!

Super Hi-Fi Music Official Website

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gábor Szabó: Witchcraft

Gábor Szabó
(March 8, 1936 - February 26, 1982)

Earlier today I was listening to my copy of The Best of Gábor Szabó on vinyl. For a beautiful spring day that it was, it made my afternoon seem brighter. This Hungarian native was big on simplicity. And with simplicity, it helped to breed a genius on guitar in his own right in the world of Jazz. Although not known by many, he has a catalog of more than 20 albums and has also been a sideman for Chico Hamilton, Paul Desmond, Coke Escovedo, Steve Allen and Charles Lloyd. In 1969, he recorded Lena & Gabor with Lena Horne on his short lived Skye record label.

The tune I wish to share today is rather interesting, to say the least. "Withcraft", recorded in 1966 and composed by Cy Coleman, hosts a group of serious musicians. Szabó on guitar of course, with a helping hand from Ron Carter on bass, Chico Hamilton on drums, and percussionists Willie Bobo and Victor Pantoja. It was originally released on Szabó's Spellbinder album.

Monday, March 19, 2012

DJ Kool Emdee: Love's Holiday

LOVE has been the subject in many places lately. I take it since spring is practically here, that feeling is soaring in the hearts of many. Hopefully, this feeling will be passed around to many and maybe we can do some type of healing and start having more compassion toward one another. Let's see if Stevie Wonder, Iman Williams, Chaka Khan, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Rozzi Daime and a host of others can help us to get there with this mix on the subject of LOVE. For the full tracklisting of this mix, go here. ENJOY!

Photograph courtesy of Devonie Kemp-Baker, featuring myself with visual artists (and couple) Michael K. Taylor and Regina Agu. This was from my very first night of DJing at KHON'S

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DJ Kool Emdee: Rock The Beat

Here's a new mix by me folks! A little bit of Rock music, fused in with some killer Hip-Hop remixes and mash-ups. Another FREE download mixed and mastered at The Record Realm. ENJOY!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

MeeMee Nelzy: Kréyòl Seasoning

[horn fanfare w/ court announcer speaking] "It is hereby granted from the Emperor of the land of The Record Realm to grant Madam MeeMee Nelzy permission to smack the sh*t out of the Emperor for not being aware that she released an album at the end of last year. That is all"

Does that sum it all up for you, as to how lame i'm feeling right now? [LOL] Yes indeed folks, this beauty with a French Caribbean creole accent has graced us again with another chance to hear her voice through music. Kréyòl Seasoning is as flavorful as its title. A melting pot of innovative beats by a host of producers like Saneyes, Jim Juice, KN7JAZZ, Purpro, Phonie, PAKO From TAK, EXXÒS METKAKOLA and from MeeMee Nelzy herself.

This is the quality of music I love to make part of my collection, as well as spin at my sets. The swing of "On Ti Fanm Kon Mwen" took a huge grasp of my attention. Though not being a "copy-cat" artist, the style is reminiscent of a blend of Mary J. Blige (if she spoke French) and Zap Mama. This album is pretty damn enjoyable, even if you can't understand the language. Good thing Rosetta Stone is out there to help you catch up. The lyrics are available for each song by clicking on the track names. As always, show your support! ENJOY!

Ram-Z: The Soulform

Having promoted electronica on the Texas underground music scene since 1993, and garnered 12 years on a set of decks, veteran Austin based producer/DJ Ram-Z, who also takes form as a model who possesses the animated ability that really brings pictures to life, posted the link to his latest track on Facebook. It was suggested by him that I either grab some good headphones or play his track on a good system. By taking that cue and popping on my headphones, I got the full dynamics of "The Soulform" and was immediately hooked. To take from a quote, although I don't recall who said it, but they went on to say; "Then after that first hit. The whole world seems to brighten up a little bit." I pass on that same suggestion to help listeners take in the full bliss this tune has to offer. Be sure to stay connected via his Soundcloud page to get details on his upcoming EP and to listen to other goodies. ENJOY!

Broken Quote: Ghost Crowd

Thanks to fast friendships and an introduction to him from my big homie Ramon of Peekaboo Theory, multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter David Schrier a.k.a. Broken Quote has been a great supporter for events that I have done and we have also done several gigs together in the last few months. At the J-Dilla tribute I did last month, he gave me one of his nifty creations, a Broken Quote t-shirt. The first video below explains how this concept came about and is very inspirational and interesting, even in its simplicity. The second video is "Ghost Crowd", a trippy downtempo groove that I really dig. I have a great admiration for his music and style. He's also a kool laid back cat that you would want to hang out with.

Just like any other artist, we don't want to starve. He has his works for purchase, which includes his t-shirts. Please visit his website and show your support! He'll also be one of the featured acts on my upcoming Rhythm Kitchen show on April 8th, here in Houston. One Musical Love!

Happy Belated: Krystal Hardwick

Belated birthday wishes are in order for Krystal Hardwick, our own earth angel, who I feel has "stolen" her silky voice from a Jazz legend of the far past. This is another lovely lady who I am proud to know and have been a friend of for years. Wishing many happy returns and a prosperous music career.

Krystal Hardwick: The Tale of Two Fish [OUT NOW!]

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kiawitl Xochitl: Rocks On The Freeway


I have a lot of love and mad respect for Kiawitl Xochitl (pronounced kee-ah-weet sho-cheet). A mother, good friend, activist, emcee and educator who plays a big part in the Houston music scene and has done so for well over a decade. She also takes the time to pay homage to the ancestors and her heritage by practicing danza with a few other good friends of mine. From pounding the pavement to setting stages on fire with her lyricism, Kiawitl never ceases to unify and educate people through love and peace. I'm truly honored to know this lady and call her my friend. Help continue the progress for true change by support this talented artist.

Check her out in some live action with some other talented folks I know called The Free Radicals, backing her for her tune called "Rocks On The Freeway". ENJOY!


Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free


Nina Simone
(February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003)

Although Nina Simone wasn't crowned to lead any nation, she was majestic. A woman of deep passion who touched you in the deepest corners of your soul to bring out things you might not have known were there. Her activism for liberties in human and civil rights was reflected through her compositions and performances. Before you listen to her "I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free" tune, please take a moment to listen to the snippet of a rare interview that can pretty much set the tune up. Listen to the passion in her voice and by her mannerisms.

Ninja Tune: International Women's Day 2012 Free Sampler


To help commemorate International Women's Day 2012, the good folks over at Ninja Tune are offering a collection of FREE downloads of women artists from their label, along with Big Dada and Brainfeeder. Trust me, this collection is in no way disappointing. Hurry up and grab it to celebrate the occasion. ENJOY!

Busi Mhlongo: Uganga Nge Ngane


Busi Mhlongo
(October 28, 1947 – June 15, 2010)

Late South African virtuoso singer, dancer and composer, Busi Mhlongo defies categorization with her blend of traditional Zulu folk music, mbaqanga, maskanda and marabi with contemporary western styles such as Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Soul and more. Mhlongo was also an activist, aiding in the combat against aparthied, which was also reflected in the messages of her music. She has also worked with other notable legends, such as Hugh Masekela, Dr. Philip Tabane, Mabe Thobejane and Robert "Doc" Mthalane, just to name a few. Her album UrbanZulu, was the very first time that Maskanda has been expressed by a Zulu woman commercially to an international audience.

Here's the music video for my favorite song by her from her classic UrbanZulu album, titled "Uganga Nge Ngane", which means "you're playing around with this child". No matter how bad of a mood i'm in, this tune always lifts my spirits.

Asha Bhonsle: Piya Tu Ab To Aaja


Asha Bhonsle reigns supreme as the undisputed queen of recording songs, having recorded more than 12,000 tunes during the course of her six decade career. World renowned for her vocal range and for her versatility, Bhosle's work includes film music (as a "playback singer"), pop, ghazals, bhajans, traditional Indian classical music, folk songs, qawwalis, and Rabindra Sangeets. Apart from Hindi, she has sung in over 20 Indian and foreign languages.

Bhonsle is the first Indian singer to be nominated for a Grammy Award in 1997. She has earned more than 50 awards in music and film, along with various other honors, including an honorary doctorates from the University of Amravati and University of Jalgaon in Literature.

The video below is of a tune she did as a playback singer (a singer who records a tune for an actor or actress to lip sync to in a film, although the original singer may not appear in the film) for the Hindi movie "Caravan". She's also widely recognized as the Queen of Bollywood.

Nasimiyu: Rules Aren't Real


Upon first hearing "Rules Aren't Real" by New Orleans based singer/sonwriter/musician Nasimiyu, I had that feeling of being rudely awakened by a bucket of iced water. Not to give this tune a bad rap, it's just that I was literally about to fall asleep, pressed play, and was jolted awake by this heartfelt composition. Originally, Nasimiyu hails from Minnesota, but being in New Orleans for a number of years, she has truly taken in the heartbeat and heritage of the local scene.

This self taught composer and vocalist will be releasing her full-length album, Rules Aren't Real sometime this month, backed by her band The Many Moons. To give you a taste of their world before the album official drops, here's a FREE download courtesy of her and the crew. Be sure to return the favor by purchasing the album. Time to get your soul touched. ENJOY!

Nasimiyu & The Many Moons Official Website

International Women's Day 2012

Today we salute the courageous women around the world who have played parts in making this a better planet through invention, diversity, protest, heroism, motherhood, sisterhood and just plain ol' common sense. International Women's Day has been celebrated for over 100 years in many different fashions to commend our ladies for their various acts of helping to birth nations, love and companionship. Please take the time to tell the women in your life that you love them and continue to be encouraging. Without them, there is no us.

To help mark this momentous occasion, all posts today will be about women. Thanks for your continued support!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Open For Rusko Contest

I should have posted this more than a week ago, so please excuse my tardiness. However, Rusko is having a contest for ten DJ's to open for him on his upcoming tour that will accompany his release of his Songs album due out soon. For more details about the contest and tour dates, "LIKE" his official Facebook page. Hurry and submit your video. As of the time of this posting, you have 11 days and 22 hours left to get a ten minute video of your best DJ set. Good luck!

Official Website: Rusko On Fire

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Seeds (Official Video)

The last time I blogged about this incredible tune and collaboration was in the form of an mp3. Today, I am here to help give the visuals through the official video of the title track Seeds by Georgia Anne Muldrow, which will drop on March 27th. I also featured this tune in my Soul Blend 2012 v.1 mix I did early January. By the way, this should be inspiration to keep the movement going against genetically modified seeds and food. The single is out now for purchase on iTunes. ENJOY!

14KT: Width ft. Tony Ozier

The new instrumental album, A Friendly Game of KT from Michigan producer 14KT slipped under our radar for the last couple of months. Then again, I see I missed the heads up from Mello Music Group from some time back. Either way, here's some sentimental goodness with this touching official video of "Width", featuring the vocals of Tony Ozier, that contains personal footage of moments with 14KT, his family and friends filmed by him on his cell phone to help listeners make the connection with the tune. You can order the CD at Underground Hip-Hop: 14KT and also get limited edition "splatter" vinyl at Fat Beats. The vinyl is only limited to 500 copies. I'm sure many are gone already, so hurry up and get a copy before they're gone.