Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kloud 9th: Kloud Droppings LP

Since this is my last post for 2011, I wanted to go out with a banger. Want you all to check out the headnod sounds of Kloud 9th of Outer Limit, who are 19 year old twin brothers from northern Virginia. They are still pretty new to the game, however, after listening to them, i'm sure they are going to shake things up a bit. Enjoy!

Weba: Rug Out

Rug Out by Weba is a fantastic NuSoul album with a jazzy, Brazilian feel to it, and it drops tomorrow. I don't know much about the artist, other than they are from the Los Angeles area. I'll give you updates as soon as I get them. For now....Enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Massive Suits Quartet: Wonderland

Some of you may know that i'm gearing up for my Sunflower Jazz live set for the upcoming year. Recently I came across a heavy cat named Dandy Teru who hails from France and is the founder, art director and music producer at BCR-Music. One of the projects under his umbrella is the Wonderland EP by Massive Suits Quartet, which is on a Jazz vibe that's excellent to add to my sets. Be sure to support all his projects. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

DJ Roddy Rod: Oakwood Grain II (Solid English Oak Edition)

I've been spinning DJ Roddy Rod joints for about 2 1/2 years now and this brother never ceases to amaze me with his styling. I first heard him and the beautiful Muhsinah together and was mind-blown by their collaboration. It's safe to say that I pretty much play their tunes like crazy. Anyway, here's more food for your soul called Oakwood Grain II (Solid English Oak Edition) which dropped only 5 days ago and is the follow-up to Oakwood Grain instrumental LP. There's also bonus material and a PDF art booklet that comes with your digital purchase. Enjoy!

Get "Leviathan" as a FREE download courtesy of DJ Roddy Rod!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blacktivity: Ill-Tone + Shade Cobain

I can see Nas' point of mentioning and making music to say that "Hip-Hop Is Dead", however, when you have groups like Blacktivity (MC: Ill-Tone & Producer: Shade Cobain) helping to preserve the culture and sound, I would say Hip-Hop is definitely alive. I came across their music on my usual browsing of Bandcamp. After giving them a listen and liking what I heard, I had to switch from my computer speakers to my studio monitors to get the full sound. This IS a bump worthy album. Hurry up and grab it for FREE on their Bandcamp page while you can. I can imagine what they have in store for the near future. Keep up the good work guys!

Follow on Twitter: @_Blacktivity_

While you're on Bandcamp, make sure you grab Shade Cobain's TEARS

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jeremy Ellis: Master of 16

Jeremy Ellis continues to step up his game while performing live and in the studio. Hailed as one of the top finger drummers, he shows his skills on Native Instruments' Maschine in this Youtube video that I came across recently. It's a bit old, yet still fascinating. Be sure to visit his website and just vibe.

Jeremy Ellis Music

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shape of Broad Minds: Raiders of the Lost Mix by DJ Jamad

If you've never heard of Atlanta based DJ Jamad, then you're missing out. This guy tears it up on the Hip-Hop and Soul music scenes with his wicked mixing skills and clever remixes. Now he's how you can get up on what he does. In 2007, he put together this 25 minute mix of the big homie Jneiro Jarel's Shape of Broad Minds that he recently made available for a FREE download. This mix was centered around the Craft of the Lost Art album that was released that same year, which was also the cover mount CD for the Hip-Hop Connection magazine in the UK.

More info: Lex Records Releases

Saturday, December 17, 2011

R.I.P. Cesária Évora

Cesária Évora
(August 27, 1941 – December 17, 2011)

Another legend in music has left us to transition to the ancestral realm. Known all over the world by those who love her rich voice as the "Barefoot Diva", for performing without shoes, and affectionately known by her close friends and family as Cisa. Cesária Évora was born on the Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa. She got her professional start as a singer by performing on Portuguese cruise ships in the 1960's.

Évora's international success came only in 1988 with the release of her first album La Diva Aux Pieds Nus recorded in France. In 1992, she released her Miss Perfumado album which sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. She garnered broader international success and a Grammy nomination in 1995 with Cesária. n 1997, she won KORA All African Music Awards in three categories: Best Artist of West Africa, Best Album and Merit of the Jury. In 2004, her album Voz d'Amor was awarded a Grammy in the World music category. During her career, she would gain the title of the "Queen of Morna", which is a blues-like style of music and dance native to Cape Verde.

Visit: Cesária Évora Official Website

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plug Research Podcast #14: Tensei

No, this is not the Tensi anime or video game. However, their music is worthy of being featured in either. The united music powers of Simple X and Midas Wells form this duo that will be releasing material on Plug Research in the near future. To give you a taste of what to expect, PR has a podcast available for FREE download on their Soundcloud page, that features some older tunes made by the two.

In case you want to keep up with Tensi, to stay abreast of what's to come, log on to the Plug Research website. In case you don't know, PR is home to Bilal, Quadron, Hawthorne Headhunters, Exile, Sonny Moon, Szjerdene and a few other artists with some great talent.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dezaray Dawn: B​-​tween​-​the​-​Lines

I'm really diggin' the latest track from Dezaray Dawn titled "B​-​tween​-​the​-​Lines", where she flexes her production skills a little for a laid back, soothing feel. A nifty track in time for winter while you're sitting by....ehhhh...let's just say your favorite source of heat. For those that celebrate this holiday season, she has it for FREE for all to Enjoy! Her way of saying thanks for being fans and listening.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

R.I.P. Special One of The Conscious Daughters

CMG & Special One

I found out from one of my homies on the west coast that Special One, born Karryl Smith of The Conscious Daughters (TCD) has passed away. I met the both of them in the late 90's and had a real good time hanging out with them, because they were real cool. My condolences to the families and fans affected by her transition. She will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Diamond District: Streets Won’t Let Me Chill (Maverick’s U Street Remix)

DJ Maverick banged out this sweet remix of "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" by Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O. & Y.U) on his MPC after Oddisee hooked him up with acapellas. Even sweeter is this being a FREE download. Get it now!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Tiger: Send Me

I find using the name Paper Tiger very interesting and intriguing, as so is their music. Earlier today they dropped an electronic gem on us by the name of "Send Me". They say it's a 2 Step type of vibe, but it sounds more like Dubstep to me. Then again, who cares. It's too good to be put in a box anyway. Just peep the snippets below...

Jus' Like Music Records

Digital Download: JUNO Download

DJ Shadow: Scale It Back ft. Little Dragon

Looks like Little Dragon has been putting in overtime, and this time it's with turntablist/producer DJ Shadow, who dropped his The Less You Know, The Better album at the end of September. As I have just gotten light of this release, I had been wondering if anything was in the works by him since it has been 5 years since he released an album.

A couple of weeks ago, he posted the official video for the "Scale It Back" single on Vimeo. It's quite interesting, to say the least. It was directed and produced by Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond. Shadow has employed the help of Talib Kweli, Afrikan Boy, Posdnuos, and Tom Vek, and is also offering a few t-shirt and USB combo bundles centered around the album that features some nifty cartoon characters. Log on to for more details. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Internet: Cocaine (Little Dragon Kåkejn Remix)

The new duo known as The Internet (featuring Syd The Kyd and Matt Martians) is set to release their debut album titled Purple Naked Ladies on December 20th. Their first single out the gate is "Cocaine" [***NOTE: Parental Discretion Is Advised in watching this video]. The original is pretty sweet sounding, however, the musical skills of Little Dragon were lent for the light and hearty Kåkejn Remix, available as a FREE download. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Neither DJ Kool Emdee or the Record Realm condones the use of drugs or any behavior that is considered immoral or harmful to the well being of others or any acts of animal cruelty.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Global Movement: The Global Movement EP

The Global Movement simply does music. Not in the sense of only limiting themselves to instrumentals or it's what to only expect from them. I say that because they create soundscapes by defying the need to be labeled in one specific category. Thanks to frontman Jerome Washington (on vocals), I was blessed with a promo copy of The Global Movement EP. After popping it in and listening to a few bars, "hot damn" came out of my mouth. It's another classic example of old school influence meeting new school perspective. It's hard for me to single out one track to say which is best, when they are all equally great.

Respectively, the rest of the crew...ehem...I mean "fraternity" consists of Kareem Goode (cello), Kirk Powers (guitar) and Ricky Getwood (drums). I hate I missed their past release party and performance. From the way their music sounds (and the mastering quality), i'm sure it was a hell of a show. TGM's eclectic mix makes you feel as if you're listening to all your favorite artists rolled into one show. As they are rapidly gaining steam, be sure to show your support for these incredible artists and the movement by logging on to their website to purchase the EP and by attending their shows. I hear a full length album is in the works. Album cover art is by Robert Hodge.

Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards 2012

Gilles Peterson a pioneering DJ, producer, founder of Brownswood Recordings and host of his BBC Radio One show "Gilles Peterson Worldwide", will return to KOKO in London town on January 21st for the Worldwide Awards 2012. Days ago he announced the first few acts, via his website, who will be performing live for the show. For the list of acts (so far), log on to Gilles Peterson Worldwide.

Here are a few tunes from artists on the show.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cleo Sol meets Bobby Tank

I love opening my inbox to get some delicious new flavor, especially from friends. Here's a clever remix by Bobby Tank of "Call 4 Me" by West Londoner Cleo Sol, who's only 20 years old, yet is making noise as if she's been here longer. Her string of singles have been well received by BBC Radio One, 1 Xtra and a host of DJ's.

Cleo Sol - Call 4 Me (BobbyTank 'LoverGirl' Refix) by BobbyTank

Speaking of Bobby Tank, the beat gods must have set up a Shaolin school for producers. The way this guy layers his tracks, along with the many styles he has under his belt, it makes you feel like the sound coming through your speakers are in the form of kung-fu kicks with a dash of Bruce Lee attached. Weeks ago (and I should have posted sooner) he released his Vanquish EP on Vermin Street Records. I'm sure after the preview below you will want to head over to purchase the EP at Additech.

Radio Galaxy: We Come In Peace

In my busy schedule and half paying attention to some things, I got the heads up from my homie Grandfather Cloc about Radio Galaxy, a local group that consists of King Midas, DJ Cosmos and Khimmy J. I heard a few rumors before about this project being in the works and now it's here. Check the "Feel Trip" video below, then head over to get this Hueston goodness from their Bandcamp page.

Radio Galaxy Bandcamp Page

RE:GENERATION: Music Project

I caught wind of this weeks ago, although it slipped my mind to post it then. Anyway, DJ Premier, along with Skrillex, Mark Ronson, Crystal Method and Pretty Lights have joined forces to help in redefining the future of music. I have listened to a few tracks and was rather impressed by what I heard. All I can say is, you will have to stay tuned to find out what goodies are in store. By no means will you be disappointed. For more info, log on to the official RE:GENERATION Music Project website.

Happy Birthday: Liza Garza & Dave Soul

Liza Garza

Liza Garza is dope on so many levels. An Emmy Award nominated songwriter and vocalist, who has left many mics aflame with her own brand of poetry. She's made appearances on HBO's Def Poetry, The Lincoln Center, The Apollo and stages across the globe. She also hones her talents into making earring art. You can view and purchase from Liza Garza Signature.


Dynamite Dave Soul

Dave Soul is (in my J.J. Evans voice) "DYNOMITE!" indeed. Every single time he touches the wheels and clutches a mic, he kills it. While many of us as DJ's have progressed to using Serato, this brother still packs up his vinyl to cut up for his sets. Get a load of this Hip-Hop mix he uploaded recently. I especially love the intro. Enjoy!

World AIDS Day 2011

It's that time again where we take the time for more serious matters and to remember those we lost in the battle to AIDS and HIV. If you are reading this post and haven't gotten yourself tested, please take the time to do so and encourage family and friends to do the same. If you know someone who has died from this disease or know of someone in another family, take a moment to remember them and pray or meditate. KNOW YOUR STATUS!