Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday: Liza Garza & Dave Soul

Liza Garza

Liza Garza is dope on so many levels. An Emmy Award nominated songwriter and vocalist, who has left many mics aflame with her own brand of poetry. She's made appearances on HBO's Def Poetry, The Lincoln Center, The Apollo and stages across the globe. She also hones her talents into making earring art. You can view and purchase from Liza Garza Signature.


Dynamite Dave Soul

Dave Soul is (in my J.J. Evans voice) "DYNOMITE!" indeed. Every single time he touches the wheels and clutches a mic, he kills it. While many of us as DJ's have progressed to using Serato, this brother still packs up his vinyl to cut up for his sets. Get a load of this Hip-Hop mix he uploaded recently. I especially love the intro. Enjoy!

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