Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DJ Keva: Triumph & Struggle: A Black Sonic Narrative

Hats off to DJ Keva for curating this wonderful mixture of sound bytes during this time of turmoil. Here stateside, we have been seeing the mass killings of people at the hands of police that seem to be making headlines on a weekly basis. More often, it's news of a black men and boys who are the fallen. We are living in a dark period and I hope this helps to brighten things in some form. Keep on pushing for justice!

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Triumph & Struggle: A Black Sonic Narrative by Art On Wax on Mixcloud

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Flashback: Orbit: The Beat Goes On

The 1980's was a fun time and had a lot of great dance music. For this week we take you back to 1982 with a cover of Sonny & Cher's "The Beat Goes On", produced by Canadian group Orbit in the electro-funk genre and features the vocals of gospel singer Carol Hall. Makes me think back to the days of the roller skating jams where we used to tear the wood up to this track.

Azekel: New Romance

Happy Friday people! To get your day started off on the right foot, here is a fresh R&B tune with some pop appeal that's bound to get you in good spirits. Azekel is the next generation of singers that's making his mark in this vast world of music. Not only is he gifted on vocals, he also produced, wrote, and mixed this tune. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turntable Tuesdays: Saint Evo's Talking Dums Ep.7

For my House lovers, we're taking a ride with Saint Evo as he takes us on a musical journey through Afro-House. Press play to get your body and soul grooving.

Monday, November 17, 2014

X&G: Home ft. Kidä

After listening to the recent track uploaded by Salt Lake City duo X&G (XianMusic & Gaszia) that features the voice of Kidä, a singer who resides in Los Angeles, I thought, this is the type of R&B that should be played on the radio. Hopefully there will be a way to purchase this or a download link. This is too good to keep to themselves. Enjoy!

Pragmatic Theory: Lightworks

Here are 29 flavorful tracks to help your work day, or at least an hour of it, go by a little smoother. Some of the top names in the underground beat game have contributed to this collection. Big shouts to Pragmatic Theory for making this all possible. I look forward to more good music from this collective of artists. By the way, you can have the whole collection as a courtesy to take along with you.

Kuma x Herzeloyde: Heartwork

Here's a fresh collaborative track from beatmakers Herzeloyde (Melbourne, Australia) and Kuma (Los Angeles), bringing a vibe that's fitting for this fall weather. Both artists display a great deal of versatility in their production, so you should follow them via Soundcloud to keep abreast of new releases and plenty of freebies.

Kriswontwo x Skyzoo: Achievements [Official Video]

As the year 2014 is gradually coming to a close, a lot of great artists are closing out the year with a huge bang...or "BANGERS" [not the British term for sausages], I should say. Leading the pack is my Scandinavian brother Kriswontwo with his brand new self-titled debut. He comes out the gate in full stride with his first single and video that features Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo. Additional choir like vocals are done by Washing D.C. soul singer Nicolas Ryan Gant. Let's not forget the chops from that mean axe by Thor Madsen. Watch and get hype!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Akai AMX Mixing Surface

Akai Professional has entered the DJ mixer world with their latest product called the AMX mixing surface. The AMX is a two channel control surface that works as plug-and-play hardware for Serato DJ, enabling you to use turntables or CDJs with its phono/line inputs. One cool feature about this mixer is being able to navigate your virtual crates on your laptop without having to touch your keyboard by using the search nob located at the top center of the controller. The cherry they added on top of this sundae is another new product called the Akai AFX, an effects controller that works hand in hand with the AMX. For additional features and more info, check out the demo videos below and visit the official Akai Professional website.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

JoGoldie: Rainy Days [prod. by Ali Bilal]

Big respect to JoGoldie, the Philly based soul singer who I blogged about in a previous post, who I think has one of the best voices in modern soul, flawlessly gracing various styles of music. Recently she hit me up to send me her latest titled "Rainy Days". Taking the cue from artists in days of yore, this is a continuum to leading the way to declaring freedom of self. Get this goodie courtesy of Vickisun Music. Make sure you continue to support.

DJ Kool Emdee: Fall 2014

Tis the season to see bright colors while a brisk breeze blows. Here's another perfect blend to kick back and relax on a quiet rainy day or chill in your backyard as the sunset enhances the changing leaves. ENJOY!

Fall 2014 by Djkoolemdee on Mixcloud