Friday, December 2, 2011

The Global Movement: The Global Movement EP

The Global Movement simply does music. Not in the sense of only limiting themselves to instrumentals or it's what to only expect from them. I say that because they create soundscapes by defying the need to be labeled in one specific category. Thanks to frontman Jerome Washington (on vocals), I was blessed with a promo copy of The Global Movement EP. After popping it in and listening to a few bars, "hot damn" came out of my mouth. It's another classic example of old school influence meeting new school perspective. It's hard for me to single out one track to say which is best, when they are all equally great.

Respectively, the rest of the crew...ehem...I mean "fraternity" consists of Kareem Goode (cello), Kirk Powers (guitar) and Ricky Getwood (drums). I hate I missed their past release party and performance. From the way their music sounds (and the mastering quality), i'm sure it was a hell of a show. TGM's eclectic mix makes you feel as if you're listening to all your favorite artists rolled into one show. As they are rapidly gaining steam, be sure to show your support for these incredible artists and the movement by logging on to their website to purchase the EP and by attending their shows. I hear a full length album is in the works. Album cover art is by Robert Hodge.

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