Monday, March 19, 2012

DJ Kool Emdee: Love's Holiday

LOVE has been the subject in many places lately. I take it since spring is practically here, that feeling is soaring in the hearts of many. Hopefully, this feeling will be passed around to many and maybe we can do some type of healing and start having more compassion toward one another. Let's see if Stevie Wonder, Iman Williams, Chaka Khan, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Rozzi Daime and a host of others can help us to get there with this mix on the subject of LOVE. For the full tracklisting of this mix, go here. ENJOY!

Photograph courtesy of Devonie Kemp-Baker, featuring myself with visual artists (and couple) Michael K. Taylor and Regina Agu. This was from my very first night of DJing at KHON'S

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