Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ram-Z: The Soulform

Having promoted electronica on the Texas underground music scene since 1993, and garnered 12 years on a set of decks, veteran Austin based producer/DJ Ram-Z, who also takes form as a model who possesses the animated ability that really brings pictures to life, posted the link to his latest track on Facebook. It was suggested by him that I either grab some good headphones or play his track on a good system. By taking that cue and popping on my headphones, I got the full dynamics of "The Soulform" and was immediately hooked. To take from a quote, although I don't recall who said it, but they went on to say; "Then after that first hit. The whole world seems to brighten up a little bit." I pass on that same suggestion to help listeners take in the full bliss this tune has to offer. Be sure to stay connected via his Soundcloud page to get details on his upcoming EP and to listen to other goodies. ENJOY!

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