Saturday, March 10, 2012

MeeMee Nelzy: Kréyòl Seasoning

[horn fanfare w/ court announcer speaking] "It is hereby granted from the Emperor of the land of The Record Realm to grant Madam MeeMee Nelzy permission to smack the sh*t out of the Emperor for not being aware that she released an album at the end of last year. That is all"

Does that sum it all up for you, as to how lame i'm feeling right now? [LOL] Yes indeed folks, this beauty with a French Caribbean creole accent has graced us again with another chance to hear her voice through music. Kréyòl Seasoning is as flavorful as its title. A melting pot of innovative beats by a host of producers like Saneyes, Jim Juice, KN7JAZZ, Purpro, Phonie, PAKO From TAK, EXXÒS METKAKOLA and from MeeMee Nelzy herself.

This is the quality of music I love to make part of my collection, as well as spin at my sets. The swing of "On Ti Fanm Kon Mwen" took a huge grasp of my attention. Though not being a "copy-cat" artist, the style is reminiscent of a blend of Mary J. Blige (if she spoke French) and Zap Mama. This album is pretty damn enjoyable, even if you can't understand the language. Good thing Rosetta Stone is out there to help you catch up. The lyrics are available for each song by clicking on the track names. As always, show your support! ENJOY!

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