Friday, March 23, 2012

Radius: Sleeping Wide Awake

I'm always interested in what people are listening to, especially when it comes to good music. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Soundcloud and saw that Tall Black Guy added a Sampler Podcast by Beyond Luck (Radius, DJ Moppy & Kenny Keys) to his favorites. I figured since he made their track one of his favorites, it had to be pretty damn good. Indeed it was. So I hit them up and Radius gave me a link back letting me know that they will be dropping a release soon. He also directed me to his full length beat tape called Sleeping Wide Awake available as a FREE download via Moment Sound.

To take a snipped of their post; Radius' Sleeping Wide Awake is a call from a reflecting awareness – wake up! In his own words: “People are zombies ”sleepwalking” and so much going on around them. I'm here to awaken them. They just need a change of diet. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel music is that cure.”. By listening to this album over and over, i've already taken flight. Now it's time to strap in and let down the "Landing Gear". ENJOY!

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