Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nasimiyu: Rules Aren't Real


Upon first hearing "Rules Aren't Real" by New Orleans based singer/sonwriter/musician Nasimiyu, I had that feeling of being rudely awakened by a bucket of iced water. Not to give this tune a bad rap, it's just that I was literally about to fall asleep, pressed play, and was jolted awake by this heartfelt composition. Originally, Nasimiyu hails from Minnesota, but being in New Orleans for a number of years, she has truly taken in the heartbeat and heritage of the local scene.

This self taught composer and vocalist will be releasing her full-length album, Rules Aren't Real sometime this month, backed by her band The Many Moons. To give you a taste of their world before the album official drops, here's a FREE download courtesy of her and the crew. Be sure to return the favor by purchasing the album. Time to get your soul touched. ENJOY!

Nasimiyu & The Many Moons Official Website

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