Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Hi-Fi: Single Payer

OK....i'm playing catch up again. I'm a big fan of dub reggae music. Being that i'm a horn player myself, the music has more appeal to me. Brooklyn based Afro-Dub band Super Hi-Fi, led by bassist/composer Ezra Gale, sent me the digital file of their new "Single Payer" via Dropbox. This track takes me back down memory lane to when I was younger, dwelling in the dancehalls with loud systems playing tunes much like this one. This is a true classic dub reggae groove, giving a double dose of trombones leading the way, accompanied by a rhythm section with good timing to land it all properly.

With vinyl sales continuing to be on the rise, here's your chance to lock and load this 45rpm release of "Single Payer" on Electric Cowbell Records that's available on their website. Not only are you getting a great vinyl record to enjoy as much as you like, they are also tossing in a high quality digital download and bonus material. They have a few shows coming up. For dates and more information, please visit their website to find out where. Don't forget to press play below to get a preview of what you're getting. ENJOY!

Super Hi-Fi Music Official Website

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