Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busi Mhlongo: Uganga Nge Ngane


Busi Mhlongo
(October 28, 1947 – June 15, 2010)

Late South African virtuoso singer, dancer and composer, Busi Mhlongo defies categorization with her blend of traditional Zulu folk music, mbaqanga, maskanda and marabi with contemporary western styles such as Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Soul and more. Mhlongo was also an activist, aiding in the combat against aparthied, which was also reflected in the messages of her music. She has also worked with other notable legends, such as Hugh Masekela, Dr. Philip Tabane, Mabe Thobejane and Robert "Doc" Mthalane, just to name a few. Her album UrbanZulu, was the very first time that Maskanda has been expressed by a Zulu woman commercially to an international audience.

Here's the music video for my favorite song by her from her classic UrbanZulu album, titled "Uganga Nge Ngane", which means "you're playing around with this child". No matter how bad of a mood i'm in, this tune always lifts my spirits.

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