Thursday, January 28, 2010

The General

I don't watch a whole lot of TV because I only watch certain shows. It was brought to my attention that I missed a guy who had this song that has caught the attention of viewers all over the country. Usually I like to catch the American Idol auditions because I know someone is going to do something.....outrageous. In this case, there was a message that needed to be said on a nationally and internationally broadcast program. The ditty has grasped so much appeal, that I found out the NFL great Brett Farve even crooned the tune in the Vikings locker room. If you haven't caught wind (which I doubt), i'll sit back and let the GENERAL give you the message himself.

Taken from his official website:

General Larry Platt, a 63 year old civil rights pioneer and spearhead turned world famous artist from Atlanta, Georgia with the hit song "Pants On The Ground" from American Idol fame has taken the world by storm. Everyone from continent to continent has fallen completely in love with him and his message.

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