Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Capleton

For those hip to Reggae and Dancehall culture are familiar with the sounds of Capleton, also known as The Prophet, Fire Man,and King Shango. On his studio recordings, as well as his "fire-rama" shows, you will hear his signature call and response asking for MORE FIRE!

On this day Capleton (Clifton George Bailey III) was born in St. Mary, Jamaica on April 13, 1967. He got his nickname from relatives as a youth after the surname of a notable attorney of the time. In the 80's he got his break in the music business after a Toronto based sound system called African Star flew him to Canada to open for Ninjaman and Flourgon. The 90's brought success and his place as an established artist in Dancehall with his first big hit titled "Alms House", followed by "Music Is A Mission", and his biggest international hit "Tour", which took him to a much larger audience and also crossed over as a Hip-Hop hit with remixes of the tune.

For bio, tour dates, fan club, and other information, log on to his official website at CapletonMusic.com.

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