Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finest Ego: United Kingdom / Ireland Compilation

Cruising the internet on my usual quest for new and interesting music, I come across this compilation of beat junkies put together by the folks at Project Mooncircle. As I scroll through the artists and tracks, I notice my man Bobby Tank from the UK is amongst the contributors. His "On 2 You" is like 80's flashback flipped. You may have seen posts of his tracks on here from before. If not, go check out his previous tracks.

It was sort of hard to pick another track for this post, because there is some amazing stuff in this compilation. Had to show my homey more love, but I decided to go with Kelpe's "Beat Imperial" as the other tune to represent. Finest Ego: United Kingdom / Ireland Compilation drops August 5th, so get this crack when they open the download links.

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