Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams v.1

There's a lineage of producer gods that go in this order as far as the torch being passed on to those who are worthy of carrying on the honor of being a great producer; Larry Smith to Marley Marl to Pete Rock to J-Dilla. If J-Dilla were around today, i'm quite sure he would pass the torch to Tall Black Guy. For the "non-believers", this is more than mere button pressing on a sampler to take from what someone else is doing. As the leader of the pack for this latest project, this is a collection of soundscapes from a new era of gifted producers who will surely give your eardrums pleasure.

Tempo Dreams Volume 1 lets you know that it's far from being final for this series. With the names Buscrates, Monkey Robot, Tenesi, Ta-Ku, Applejac, Doc Illingsworth, Floyd Cheung, Evil Needle, Jeriko Jackson, Teru and Chief, those in the know can say this is a championship team. All this goodness is available on CD, LP and digital download. Purchase your copy today!

Free download of Tall Black Guy - Sparkling Adventure

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