Friday, March 22, 2013

Kerfala Kanté: Soriba (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)

It's always inspiring and refreshing to read about great artists who stand the test of time by continuing their craft in spite of hardships. Guinean born Kerfala Kanté has proven to be one of those artists. Born into a griot family in the Faranah region of central Guinea, Kanté joined the federally funded orchestra by the name of the Tropical Djoli Band in 1980.

In 1984, after being invited to join Balla et ses Balladins, the president of Guinea at that time, Sékou Toure, suddenly died and the new president that came into power no longer funded orchestras. Kanté held on to his art with the help of local radio and soon began to release his own cassette tapes, gradually building a reputation as one of Guinea's top vocalists.

We now visit the single "Soriba" off his 2001 release titled Senekela, which has been remixed and re-imagined by acclaimed Ancestroul Soul producer Boddhi Satva. Satva quickly rose as number two on my list of top House producers. Time to press play and turn up the sound to fully enjoy this remix that will touch your soul.

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