Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday: Michael Holman

Happy Birthday shouts go out to Michael Holman, who can be referred to as the "Don Cornelius of Hip-Hop" due to his short lived 1984 Hip-Hop dance show and showcase called "Graffiti Rock", that featured Bronx River disc jockey GQ DJ Jimmie Jaz, Shannon, Run-DMC, Kool Moe Dee and Special K of The Treacherous Three, and the New York City Breakers. Not only did he produce the show in his own nightclub called "Negril" in New York City, he also played a role in producing "Beat Street" that premiered in movie theaters that same year.

Michael Holman x GQ DJ Jimmie Jaz on the set of Graffiti Rock

Outside of being a key figure in widening the audience for Hip-Hop, Holman was also a pioneer in the New York City arts scene. On that scene is where he met artist Jean Michel Basquiat and they later formed the industrial avant-garde band called Gray, in which Holman was the drummer.

GRAY (L to R, featuring Jean Michel Basquiat, Michael Holman, Wayne Clifford, Shannon Dawson)

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Here's the video of the show in its entirety.

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