Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mor Loud & Rahj Mason: How Many Shots

While many people tend to label others, it goes to show you that a lot of ignorance is not going away any time soon. However, there are people who work tirelessly to extinguish it. Enter Rahj Mason and Mor Loud, the Brooklyn spiritual brothers who have teamed up to release this massive rock tune that asks the serious question about police brutality in its title; "How Many Shots?"

Artists from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds have unified in the past and there are those presently who continue to unify and use music and their art as a tool to awaken the consciousness of the people to help bring about more unity and change. Support for artists like Rahj and Mor, who also encourage people to love, is very important. Not only are they composing battle cries to fight oppression, they are asking for basic life fundamentals for the masses to respect and honor one another. Change has come.

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