Friday, August 28, 2009

Dilla Jackson (Preview)

What happens when you bring together two huge music icons? You get what I call Dilla Jackson. This was an idea that was actually sparked in 2007 when I had "Butterflies (Dilla-ficial Remix)" on the original version of a Michael Jackson mixtape (see the 'Down With The King: MJ' post) I did in that year. After going thru hundreds of Dilla beats to come up with ones that really grabbed my ear (of course) and a few 'familiar' instrumental joints that have already touched many people's eardrums via radio airwaves and nightclubs, I smashed a few MJ vocals over these blazing tracks to come up with this new tribute mix. Reserve your copy by emailing me at For now, here's a short preview of Dilla Jackson.

Brought to you by DJ Kool Emdee (Blackadelic Tribe Productions) and T. Piper Media.

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  1. thank you for doing what you do, IT KEEPS MY BRUSH MOVING... LOVIE OLIVIA