Sunday, August 22, 2010


Recently I found out about a new genre that has emerged from the UK called Drumstep. To put it into an equation to help those who are unfamiliar, it pretty much is Drum n' Bass + Dubstep = DRUMSTEP. If you still don't understand, it's basically emphasising the basslines and tempo with the drum patterns used in Dubstep and incorporating the breakbeat patterns and other elements used in Drum n' Bass. It took quite some time for DnB to get mainstream appeal and Dubstep has still got plenty of work to do to get on the same level. Many argue that Drumstep may not get full acceptance as it's DnB predecessor because it literally is falling in between both DnB and Dubstep. I personally think it may actually help to give Dubstep a push to mainstream. Listen to tracks below and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

Youtube comment: "It's like Dubstep and DnB met in a rave and fucked, then had a baby and named it Drumstep. CRAZZZZY!"

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