Monday, August 9, 2010

Technology Bites: 00VJ

There's a neat little gadget that has recently been put on the commercial market made specifically for DJs. When someone sees you carrying it, they may get the idea that you're a spy or have some bomb defusing device. PCDJ introduces the 00VJ, the ultimate DJ computer that brags some huge specs to keep you up and running without the glitches and other problems you may encounter with standard laptops at your gigs. Orders are shipping with an Intel Core Duo 2 gigahertz processor, 4 gigs of DDR RAM, HDMI connection for HD TVs, CAT5 port, Blue Tooth, a 16 GB flash card backup and a 2 TB hard drive to store plenty of music and video files. Check the features below.

Most of the forums I have read, many are saying the $4499 (free US shipping) MSRP is a bit steep and have claims to get the same "bang" for less than half the price. However, users who have already purchased the 00VJ and its predecessor the 00DJ, say it's very reliable, is sturdy, but a little too bulky for its size. You can also load up Serato Scratch Live or Traktor.


* Custom tooled 1.5mm aluminum casing with double walled side reinforcement.

* Ultra hard wearing anodized finish.

* Industrial motherboard for reliability.

* Huge 17″ high brightness touch screen.

* Fully sealed industrial waterproof keyboard and mouse controller with red illuminated keys.

* Slot loading DVDRW optical drive built in CD+G compatible.

* M-Audio Delta 1010 PCI internal sound card (3 x stereo out 2 x stereo in MIDI and digital).

* At least 1Tb of shock resistant internal storage (larger drives available on request).

* Networking built in with Wi-Fi and CAT 5 gigabit socket.

* Video output by Composite SVHS and DVI - VGA and HDMI adapters supplied.

* 3 x USB 2.0 ports.

* Firewire port (1394).

* Preloaded with PCDJ DEX, Karaoki and Windows 7 optimized for pro audio (XP and Vista also available).

* Capable of playing 1080p HD video constantly - no overheating.

* Built in “Factory configured” emergency restore system.

* Each 00VJ will be configured to the customer’s requirements - contact us for your needs...

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