Friday, December 3, 2010

AFTA-1: Triangle Circle Triangle Square

Los Angeles based Manuel Moran, better known as AFTA-1 to beat junkies, has released another gem for you to take in, as well as show your own creative side with the LOVE IS project that gives you a chance to submit your work to be a part of his latest venture. For more info and submissions, log on to Take a listen to "LOVE IS" while you read the excerpt from his Afta1 Bandcamp page.

Love IS. That is really it.
We choose to be aware of this truth & capture every fleeting moment through the act of creation.
Life is a gift overflowing with constant inspiration , and as c r e a t o r s we are all blessed with the tools necessary to translate our experiences in it, into art.

Our mediums and methods are as unique and infinite as these experiences,
yet, the vibration that unites us is the same;

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the "Create" video that shows AFTA-1 putting together the packaging for limited edition Triangle Circle Triangle Square cassettes. mistake....CASSETTE TAPES. Enjoy!

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