Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday: Farley Jackmaster Funk

I was first introduced to the Chicago House sound by my best friend Dewayne (DBO, DJ Chi-Dawg) around 1984. I've mentioned before about how we used to walk to school jammin' to House and Hip-Hop mixtapes (actual cassette tapes...HA!) on a boombox. Those House mixes we mainly listened to were done by none other than the legendary "King of House Music" DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk on WBMX 102.7 FM. I remember clearly hearing him scratching "Farley" flawlessly as he spun live on air. You would hear tunes like "Jack Your Body", "Move Your Body", "Let No Man Put Asunder" and other House classics. Then, the master himself releases "Love Can't Turn Around" with Darryl Pandy in 1986. My first time hearing the tune gave me goosebumps and I still consider it to be the greatest House tune ever. Mr. Farley, we salute you!

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