Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday: Dana Dane & C.I.T.Y.

For a long time, Dana Dane (born Dana McLeese) has been a huge voice in the world of Hip-Hop having his debut album Dana Dane With Fame to peak at #46 on the Billboard album chart and was certified gold. His biggest hit was "Cindefella Dana Dane", which peaked at #11 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1987.

Dane's career began with the Kangol Crew with fellow MC, Slick Rick. He was also known for his sense of style in fashion and imitating a British accent while rapping. He opened a clothing store in the 1980's and also is a published author with a book titled Numbers, a tough, gritty fiction novel about life in the streets, which was released in 2009.

Dane still performs around the world and also on-air hosts Sirius/XM Satellite Radio on its old school hip-hop channel BackSpin. For more info, log on to Dana Dane's Official Website.


C.I.T.Y. (Creative Intelligent Talented YungMind) born David Baptiste Jr. is not just an average rapper caught up only in today's mainstream subjects about cars and women. He's always willing to expand in his craft by pushing the limits and genres. Having come from a rich history in music, be on continuous lookout for this Houston implant who's a native of New Orleans.

Keep your ears to the streets (or the web) on new releases, concerts and more by clicking "like" on his C.I.T.Y. Facebook page and to follow him on Twitter: @CITYChronicles.

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