Monday, October 29, 2012

Tall Black Guy: Shake It Baby

From time to time I make it a point to give back to the community in various ways, especially through music. This past Friday I took the time for more children and families in a low income neighborhood to provide tunes for a fall festival that a local organization threw for them. Since many communities like this are more into mainstream and "booty music", I set up and show them there are alternatives to what they consider "the norm" by playing music they are more than likely not familiar with, but still showing them that other music outside of what they listen to regularly or exposed to can still sound good. This time around, I played about 10 to 15 Tall Black Guy cuts in a row, and for every song I played, a few people would come up and ask who it was. Seriously, there were even 60 and 70 year old men and women nodding their heads to his music. So today, The Record Realm is proud to feature another smash from the beat surgeon titled "Shake It Baby". ENJOY!

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