Friday, September 6, 2013

Salute To DJs: Grandmaster Flowers

Grandmaster Flowers (born Jonathon Cameron Flowers) is known for influencing Hip-Hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa, and also had a formative influence on Hip-Hop culture, being regarded as one of the earliest to use the "mixing" technique to keep playing music in a non-stop sequence. He opened for James Brown at Yankee Stadium in 1869.

For many years, I have heard the name mentioned several times, but hadn't heard more info on him, except for how good his sets used to be, his fans and his influence through technique. It's has been stated that Hip-Hop collective X-Clan hired Flowers as their sound man after Professor X saw him panhandling on the streets of New York. Professor X used to mention to the rest of the group about how Flowers used to rock the parties in Brooklyn.

"Flowers was to brothers in Brooklyn what Kool Herc was to brothers in the Bronx. Everybody loved and followed Flowers." - Professor X (Lumumba Carson)

Grandmaster Flowers Brooklyn Park Jam 1979 | SCV Podcasts Volume 153 by Sound Colour Vibration on Mixcloud

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