Saturday, October 26, 2013

MeeMee Nelzy: Moon Reflection EP

I would use "spirit music" to describe Parisian songstress MeeMee Nelzy's Moon Reflection EP that has everyone over here at headquarters abuzz. She took full creative control on the opening track "James Bond Girl", which she wrote and produced, that has a melodic, deep house feel. The return of beat-maker Saneyes, who worked with her on her Kréyòl Seasoning LP from 2011, has put his skills to work to create the magical love anthem "Lanmen Lanmou" [means 'love's hands']. The last track, "On Favè" has that signature sound from Diggs Duke that you can pick out even if you're blindfolded. All the songs are that good to where it was hard to pick out a song for this post. So, just purchase all three at a price that's a steal and ENJOY!

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