Sunday, December 1, 2013

Le Flah featuring Khaderbai [Dec.7th]

Days ago I received an impressive press release from the Le Flah crew who throws a monthly beat showcase in Zurich, Switzerland that started in Septmber and has already featured beatsmiths Sterneis, Melodiesinfonie and the Tru Comers! thus far. For the month of December, they will feature the hot sounds of Khaderbai. The following is an excerpt from their press kit that describes the event...

Le Flah celebrates the beat in music, on every month's first Saturday. In the rather familiar atmosphere of the Piccolo Giardino in Zurich, beatmakers play their favorite creations for a enthuastic audience, released or unreleased pieces, neatly finished compositions or works in progress, on MPCs, SP1200s, laptops or turntables: headnodding guaranteed! Responsible for swinging hips and stomping feet is the SMK-DJ-Duo (SLM & Khaderbai): WHOOP WHOOP!

The beat playing in the video is "Gymnobéatie #2" that's available to stream or download on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Check out the promo video, then go get that goodness. Enjoy!

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