Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Doug E. Fresh

On Sept. 17, 1966, Douglas E. Davis, professionally known as Doug E. Fresh or the Human Beatbox, was born in Christ Church, Barbados. His recording debut was with rapper Spoonie G and DJ Spivey in the collective known as the Boo-Dah Bliss Crew, on a tune called "Pass The Boo-Dah", in 1983. Later that year he would go on to release his own records as a solo artist, with the songs "Just Having Fun" and "Original Human Beat Box." Two years later with the Get Fresh Crew, consisting of DJs Barry B & Chill Will, and rapper MC Ricky D, who is now known as Slick Rick, they recorded what are considered Hip-Hop classics, "The Show" (which contains the Inspector Gadget Theme) and "La Di Da Di".

Outside of recording his own "call and response" type Hip-Hop anthem "I-ight (Alright)" in 1993, Doug recorded a few more albums, numerous singles, movie and TV appearances, and crossed over into Dancehall/Reggae, and Drum & Bass.

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