Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Floacist!

We all love to get gifts from time to time. And with me being a DJ, music is the best gift you can give me. A couple of hours ago I received a very special gift from Natalie Stewart, known to many as The Floacist, from the Soul duo Floetry. Contained were two pieces/peaces [Cipher & All Healing Is Possible] from her collection of works titled 'Spoken Transitions'. She will soon to be releasing a new album, which I don't have the album title as of yet.

I asked her what her inspiration was to help her in her creative moments. And here is what she had to say...

"My transition over the past three years and the meditations for healing my self, mind, body and etheric reality, is the journey that made manifest the pieces/peaces that are together a spoken word collection called 'Spoken Transitions'. I simply felt it necessary to share some of the thoughts that have benefited me upon my own healing journeys. These enlightenments became mantras to me, and in turn may hopefully be of some healing use to others. They are simply pages, passages and poems from my own journal...xx"

In another quote by her, I felt one part of it to be very noteworthy and should be a message to other artists and readers of this blog to be an inspiration to those who are currently in transition or need to make steps transitioning to a better direction in life. That quote (in part) is:

".....I don't need a record label to give you the messages of healing that have delivered me through these past three years of transition."

After listening to both tracks, "All Healing Is Possible" is a great piece to add to Reflections II, from my lounge series. The soundscape along with the vocal delivery makes it definitely a track to meditate and reflect to. "Cipher" is reminiscent of taking a journey through time, with percussion nearly imitating a grandfather clock, and a hint of dub reggae. Sit back, relax, and get your mind-veggies. Enjoy!

All Healing Is Possible


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