Friday, September 4, 2009

MJ + J-Dilla = Dilla Jackson

I had a few issues while putting this together, however, it's finally done. Here's the official full length preview of Dilla Jackson. Enjoy!

Dilla Jackson
1. Dedication/Y'all Ready For It (MJ Speaks I)
2. You Rock My World (Remix)
3. What We Had (MJ Speaks II)
4. Beat Tape Track 15
5. They Don't Care (F--k The Police)
6. Ni---s vs Police ft. Richard Pryor
7. Remember (Remix) ft. Bilal
8. Who Is It (Remix)
9. Dancing Machine (Move) ft. Jackson 5 & Q-Tip
10. Scream (Heat Remix) ft. Janet Jackson
11. Remember The Time (Vivrant Remix)
12. Dilla Scratchin'
13. Weed Break (Interlude)
14. Brazilian Groove (EWF)
15. History (Dubl Dose Remix)
16. Act Like You Know (G.O.A.T. Remix)
17. (Thriller) Sum Spooky Ish ft. Vincent Price
18. Beat Tape Track 21
19. Crushin' (Yeahhh!)
20. EM-MJ (Interlude)
21. All I Do Is Think of You
22. Time (Donut of the Heat)
23. Blowin' Into Coke Bottles
24. I Want You Back ft. Black Rob - Bonus Track

Mixed/Remixed by DJ Kool Emdee w/ Graphics by T. Piper Media

Email DJ Kool Emdee at for more info and to get a mastered copy.