Sunday, November 7, 2010

J. Gunn: Pinot Noir

To be perfectly honest, I almost passed J. Gunn's music off as another rap about alcohol, getting drunk and smashing some chick. As I do with most who send music to my inbox, I give everyone a chance. To check his latest video and the concept, I raised an eyebrow and was impressed. Dude's got something. And to do a little research, I see he's gained the attention of Terminator X of Public Enemy fame, who signed him to a management deal and to have recorded a single with his idol Big Daddy Kane.

Peep the "Pinot Noir" video he released a couple of weeks ago and check out his flow. His Stay Home CD that contains this single is available on Amazon and iTunes. Visit his site for links to download the album, features and other material.

J.Gunn Music

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