Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pioneer DJM-2000 Mixer

No, this is not a control panel ripped from a fighter jet. This is what I would think is Pioneer's answer to the Rane 68. This nifty mixer is loaded with many audio effects, tweaks and even sports a MIDI output. With the Pro DJ Link you can plug in up to four Pioneer CDJ's (the mixer is compatible with other CD players) AND two laptops ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


* Industry-first 5.8" full color multi-touch display

* Internal USB audio interface

* Pro DJ link that connects up to four CDJ-2000/900s

* Manipulate frequencies and alter sounds with EVOLVED BEAT EFFECTS

* INST FX (Instant Instrument Effect) allows effects to be applied intuitively
with a turn of the knob

* MIDI: Assign various DJM-2000 buttons to trigger other devices


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