Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lola Bleu: Love Will Find A Way

In this vast universe of music and the constant flooding of garbage through TV and radio, most think that there's not much good music out there. For that matter, some tend to think that there's a huge lack of talent to match. As I always say, if you look for what it is you want, you will eventually find it....especially if you use the internet. And thanks be to the almighty internet I met a cool classy singer/songwriter by the name of Lola Bleu on Twitter. She hails originally from Michigan, but now resides in Alabama. After visiting her website to listen to her tracks, I laughed at her. Why you ask? It's because her tag on Twitter read, "Up and coming R&B singer". I say that she has arrived.

According to her bio, it looks like she has put in plenty of work to reach a point of maturity. After listening to her silky vocals on her debut CD, Love Will Find A Way, I can only imagine for now where she will go in the future. My favorite track off the album is her song about finding love titled "I Found You". It's reminiscent of a fusion between 80's soft rock laced over funky R&B with a 90's twist added. "Journey" is also an attention grabber that's a good tune to ride to in your car while making that getaway with that special someone. Most of the album was produced by David Sanders II, except for "Deep Pain", which was produced by Matic Lee.

Now we get to the good part. You actually listening to her songs, then show your love and support by purchasing this talented young lady's debut project via her website at LolaBleu.com. We all know that good music makes great gifts. Enjoy!

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