Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dessa: Castor, The Twin

Having been voted as "best album of 2010" by Chicago based A.V. Club entertainment newspaper with her debut solo album A Badly Broken Code, rapper/singer/poet Dessa returns with Castor, The Twin to follow up. Before releasing her own material, Dessa (also known by Dessa Darling) has appeared on several Minneapolis based Hip-Hop projects with the likes of P.O.S., Paper Tiger and the Doomtree Hip-Hop Collective.

If you're looking for that laidback acoustic type feel with a soulful vibe, this is an album to have as part of your music collection. Check out "Dixon's Girl" below. It has a real nice swing, even with her vocal delivery as she switches seamlessly back and forth from singing to a poetic flow. Enjoy!

Facebook: Dessa Darling

Doomtree Records

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