Friday, October 28, 2011

David Sha: Yes, Yes Y'all (Official Video)

The "Yes, Yes Y'all" video was actually released a couple of months ago, although I feel like I should have posted it sooner, now is a better time because this tune has picked up a lot of steam. Lately David Sha has been bouncing around the country tearing it up with his energy. Not only can he give an enthusiastic, heartfelt delivery, he can also put on his emcee and poetry hats to keep listeners interested and on their toes.

This tune was done out of the love for Hip-Hop and music in general. Of course looking at its title, it falls under the traditional call and response that's been around forever and carried on through classic Hip-Hop. Mr. Sha will be releasing his UGLY album real soon. Here's another chance for you to see how H-town gets down. Enjoy!

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