Thursday, April 18, 2013

Airborne: Sunshower

Since we are in the midst of celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month, there's no doubt that I had to make mention of New Haven, CT's own Contemporary Jazz Band by the name of Airborne. These guys have been passing out much love to me by giving me promos of their music that I have been spinning at happy hour and lounge sets, along with setting festive moods for special occasions.

Currently, they are kicking things into high gear for a very special full length release of Silver Skies to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Their first single off the album is "Sunshower", a light, melodic tune that will lift your spirit and help put a smile on your face. As vivid as my imagination is, I can picture a white linen gathering in your backyard with friends with their music to compliment some fine wine and cheeses, along with plenty of laughter.

Be sure to visit their website and feel free to purchase their previous works, as well as read and listen to music samples on their Jazz Education page. Let's help to ensure a 50th anniversary celebration of doing what they love. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting this and all you do to keep music dancing in the ears of listeners.

    Cheryl Hughey
    Airborne's PR lady