Monday, April 15, 2013

Mixtape Mondays: New Mixes From DJ Kool Emdee

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the new mixes I have recorded lately and posted on Mixcloud. I have to do a little more research, but I hear that it helps artists to get paid when you post to their site. So the plan is to start putting my mixes on there from now on.

ZIEL: Means "soul" in Dutch.

Ziel by Djkoolemdee on Mixcloud

The Storm: "I called this "The Storm" because, just like a hurricane is on its way to make landfall, there's a calm before it hits, then you're suddenly hit with high winds tossing things around, hard rain and lightening. Next comes the eye of the storm, then it gets back to doing its damage. Soon comes the aftermath and calm again. While storms can be quite dangerous and chaotic, at the same time, there still is a lot of beauty that comes along with it. Just take this as an admiration for the beautiful side. ENJOY!"

The Storm by Djkoolemdee on Mixcloud

Transcendence: Mind & Space: A blend of 2013 chill Drum n' Bass tunes.

Transcendence: Mind & Space by Djkoolemdee on Mixcloud

Reflections: The Hip-Hop Mix v.1: After having quite a few online discussions with the pioneers, artists, producers and fans of Hip-Hop culture, it was heavy on my mind to put together this mix of tunes that I liked growing up in the culture.

Reflections: The Hip-Hop Mix v.1 by Djkoolemdee on Mixcloud

All cover art by DJ Kool Emdee.

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