Thursday, April 18, 2013

Submerse: Truth [Official Video]

It's been awhile since i've posted anything from Project Mooncircle, so i'm gonna hit'cha with this new heater they released last month by Submerse called "Truth", off his Algorithms and Ghosts EP.

Originally hailing from Cheshire, UK, now living in Tokyo, here's what Submerse had to say about the inspiration he received for making the EP:

"I took a lot of inspiration from 3 main points of Tokyo City. There are traditional parks and shrines/temples that really take you away from the high rise buildings and make you feel like you could be in the countryside. Next, there are typical shops, neon lights, offices and general city life, and lastly, there is the red light area which is a great place to see all walks of life, from gangsters, working girls and strange things behind closed doors. I'm fascinated by this place, It seems like another world to me, I'm always drawn to it out of curiosity and the feeling I get while passing though is really inspiring."

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