Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Insightful: Annoying Voices

True story...I'm sitting here in the coffee shop close to my house, grab a cup of Joe, and sit down to rummage the fields of Soundcloud. A group of people sit down at a table close by and there's one guy in the group who's pretty much bullying the conversation. At the same time, I come across "Annoying Voices" by Insightful, while he's continuously running off at the mouth. I don't think i've ever heard the word "shit" so much from one person in one sitting. Anywho...I put on the headphones to listen and crank up the volume to drown this guy out. Finally, I find this picture, enlarge it on my laptop, set my laptop down so the screen is facing them, then make a dash to the bathroom. While i'm walking back to my seat, I noticed they got up to leave. I take it he got the message [finally], since everyone else who kept giving the "will you shut the f**k up?!" deep sighs weren't enough.

All that aside, this song is complimentary. Leave a comment to say thanks while you ENJOY!

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