Friday, November 22, 2013

Jo Def: Steps

I'm one who doesn't tire easy when it comes to releases on Soulection. I take it they take good care in hand picking good artists. Next up is Jo Def, another dope producer from Cali who I've been listening to for quite some time. His Steps album takes juke/footwork and makes it more soulful. As good as these tracks sound, it was hard to pin down a favorite, as well as a choice for this post. "Swim" takes on a filtered Sade sample, and he does a great job with flipping J-Dilla's voice for "TookItThurr". Then you have "Ask Anything" and "My Heart" that takes things down a notch for more romantic forms. This is one that should grab the attention of music lovers from all over. Out of love, this is a free download. Feel free to donate.

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