Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Estère: Estère

I've said many times before about how artists from New Zealand seem to keep the soul game on lock with their unique approach. Thanks to a share on social media, I checked out one of the latest, greatest by the name of Estère, who has released her self-titled debut on Bandcamp. Her music weapon of choice in an MPC, who she fondly calls "Lola". Together they produce what she calls "Electric Blue Witch-Hop".

This young blossoming musician from Wellington proves that there is still plenty of good music for people to enjoy without getting caught in the web of mainstream cookie-cutter clutter. Her smooth vocals and production style is evident that she has studied many greats of the present and past. Keep posted on upcoming developments and appearances by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

Estère: Estère [free download]

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