Friday, July 25, 2014

Original Concept: Bite'n My Stylee

Before getting a record deal with Def Jam Recordings, the Hip-Hop group known today as Original Concept used to go by the name of the "Concept Crew", hailing from Long Island. Doctor Dre, T-Money, Rapper G, Easy G and Wildman Steve hosted a radio show called “The Operating Room” on WBAU-FM, the same station that featured the Spectrum City DJs (Chuck D & Flavor Flav), now known as Public Enemy.

Original Concept produced two singles; "Can You Feel It?/Knowledge Me" (1986) and "Bite'n My Stylee/Pump That Bass" (1986), before releasing their only full length LP Straight From The Basement of Kooley High! (1988). "Bite'n My Stylee" is a reggae influenced Hip-Hop track, but is a parody of the reggae genre, stating in the opening line; "Wait. I'm not Jamaican." All songs were produced by Doctor Dre', credited as the first person to introduce the "extended bass" sound into Hip-Hop.

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