Friday, July 18, 2014

Expansion Sound Vol.2 [Compilation]

Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee as we make a toast to the rising sun. It's Friday morning and the weekend is on its way. For those with the traditional five day work week, here's a nice little ditty from Netherlands based producer Peeano called "Sunrise" taken from the Expansion Sound Vol.2 compilation that dropped 2 days ago. Want some sweetener for that coffee? Get the whole album at a "name your price" basis via the Expansions Collective Bandcamp page.

Big ups to beatmaker Mecca:83 for selecting tunes for this beat treat. There will be only 50 limited edition baby pink cassette tapes [that's right, cassette tapes] of this compilation for purchase. As they are saying; "Once they're gone, they're gone!"

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