Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm A DJ Now (Video)

This past weekend, I celebrated 35 years of professional service in the art of DJing. So far to date, I have played in 10 countries and 29 states. This comes from countless hours of practice, music selection and digging for good tunes to present to the masses, even if they aren't familiar. I also have experience as both a music and stage producer. None of this came overnight or simply because I bought some easy to do product. Nor did I just sit back and wait for the next Top 40 list to appear on iTunes to download and play to an audience. Most of all, it was never about women and drinks. I do it for the love, yet I do want to get payed fairly to help take care of my family because of my experience, hard work and time put into my craft.

A couple of hours ago, my homie DJ Artistic posted this kool video on Facebook that breaks down the difference between real DJ's who work on their craft versus some people who buy software, download the latest top 40 and expect to get women and drinks, while at the same time charging a lower price to club owners for their inexperience and lack of knowledge. This, in turn, pushes experienced DJ's out of jobs simply because so many club owners don't want to pay what an experienced DJ is really worth.

Sit back and pay attention to this clever and oh so true dialog which hit's the nail on the head as to how DJ's who have paid dues feel.

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