Thursday, March 3, 2011

Krystal Hardwick: The Tale of Two Fish

I first met Krystal Hardwick a few years back on the Metro after she asked what was I listening to on my headphones. We had a short convo on music and I gave her a couple of mixed CD's that I did. To fast forward to more recently, I was told by her that by me giving her that music, it changed her whole perspective on how she views music.

To go back in time again, she told me about her becoming a singer and displaying her talent in several European countries. I was quite impressed. What was far more impressive is the fact that she has an amazing silky voice that made me melt upon my first time hearing her angelic tone.

On February 1, 2011 she released two tracks from her debut titled The Tale of Two Fish which is a clever reflection of her zodiac sign. Thankfully, i'm glad this project is finally being released because I was patiently awaiting after hearing a few demo tracks.

Below is "The (w)Ho", a tune about the woes of a cheating mate, yet the production is light and upbeat. "The (w)Ho" was produced by GUYNAMITE (Guynamite EP 1 & 2, Born In '82 EP) of the UK.

Pre-order the album at Krystal Hardwick: The Tale of Two Fish

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