Saturday, May 19, 2012

Collective Hallucination ft. Ant Boogie: This Is Our Love Song

If being cool was a drug, then Ant Boogie is the pusher to go get your high from. An overall good person who i've known for about 20 years or so, he definitively knows how to bring the funk with his band Collective Hallucination, who's been around since 1999. With influences like Prince, Incognito, Sly & The Family Stone, Carl McIntosh (of Loose Ends) and a few other notable game changers, CH knows how to give the best of all genres within a single tune. You have to experience live shows by them to get a deeper appreciation of who they are as they cleverly blend original compositions with cover tunes of good songs you might not have heard in ages. Not the same old boring covers that it seems like everybody does. Imagine a live band digging for tunes like your favorite DJ does to smash it. Until you get a live fix from them, get a glimpse of some of their new material. For those who know what time it is and for those who are new to this, always remember; "If it's not HIGH ain't loud enough!

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