Sunday, December 28, 2014

Darker Than Wax: Kitchen Music (A X'mas Mini Compilation)

Via Darker Than Wax: We wanted to build the concept of this mini compilation around the 'kitchen', as it is very often regarded as the 'soul' of the house where a large portion of daily activities take place. Whether it's preparing food, grabbing a quick snack from the fridge, or simply having a coffee with a mate over an extended countertop, its function does seep quite deeply into how we live. So for this holiday season (if you are having one), we thought it's rather appropriate to curate and share with you a collection of music from our artists and affiliates - A compilation that would hopefully provide and enhance the environment for those who might be preparing that festive feed for loved ones and friends.

After all, music is that one true universal language that injects positivity and good energy.

Big shouts to Darker Than Wax for their roster of artists. Several of my mixes and live DJ sets have tunes blended in for your enjoyment. The following tune by Giorgio Oehlers is in my recent mix titled Soulstice.

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